Staggering Level of Drug Violence in Mexico

February 22, 2011

Jerry Seper of the Washington Times wrote an article yesterday informing us that a funeral service will be held today for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Special Agent Jaime Zapata in Brownsville, Texas. Sepers story contained a fact about current-day Mexico that I found astonishing:

Violence has been commonplace in Mexico since a raging drug war between drug-smuggling cartels began in 2006, claiming 35,000 lives.

Incredible. It shows that when a society starts to unravel it doesnt take long for enormous levels of violence to be reached. Something we may see soon in nations like Egypt if civil war erupts.

Another point added later: can you imagine the anguish, torment and stress this must be placing on Mexican families and children? I can only wonder how many children will suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder from what they have seen. Adults too. The rule of law and peace are so critical to a positive society. I imagine that is one of the reasons Christians, since the writing of Romans 13, have known that anarchy and violence are inherently evil.