Rich Lowry on Obama's “Lazy Americans”

November 15, 2011

Rich Lowry, editor of National Review and one of the clearest thinkers writing today, has written an excellent comment about President Obama's disparaging remarks about the American people and their "laziness" and "softness.' More offensive than Mr. Obama's patronization is the accusation itself: That Americans are unwilling to work, to try, to take risks. What bunk - to use the Latin phrase, "circumspice:" look around. What one sees is a nation that, in roughly 235 years, has created an economic engine unlike anything previously known in world history.

Ironically, as Lowry points out, extreme environmental activists are deterring our capacity to build and grow. These folk are essential to the very coalition upon which Mr. Obama depends for his political viability. Odd, since had the EPA existed in 1783, the restrictions it would have imposed would probably have made Connecticut the farthest reach of our continental expansion.