Values and Culture

June 2, 2014

Having a common culture is important for any nation. More importantly, having a culture with the right values is paramount to a nation’s success. Each year FRC highlights the importance of values at its annual Values Voter Summit.

Recent stories in of kidnapping in Nigeria and persecution of a mother and child Sudan remind us to be thankful that our cultural heritage is one of religious freedom and rule of law. But disturbing social trends such as promiscuous sexual behavior and a disregard for religious freedom threaten our historic moral culture. Many in America realize that to preserve our historic culture we must rededicate ourselves to the Judeo-Christian culture that has brought blessing.

If you are concerned about the threat to America’s culture and about our values as a nation please check sign up for FRC’s annual Values Voter Summit and check out the videos from the recent Watchmen on the Wall conference held in Washington D.C. and inspiring pastors from around the country to reclaim ground and restore righteousness in our nation.