Family Research Council Welcomes Judge Gorsuch as Pres. Trump's Supreme Court Nominee

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Family Research Council Welcomes Judge Gorsuch as Pres. Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee

WASHINGTON, DC - President Donald Trump today announced Judge Neil Gorsuch as his nominee to the nation's highest court.

Family Research Council Tony Perkins, who attended the White House announcement, released the following statement:

“I was pleased to witness President Trump follow through on his promise and select a nominee from the list he presented during the campaign.   The president has been very clear on the type of justices that he would appoint: textualists who will not issue rulings based on the shadows of the Constitution. 

“In the third presidential debate, Donald Trump drove home his point about the type of Supreme Court nominees that he would select.   I believe that moment in the debate helped sealed the deal with millions of social conservative voters.  In fact, exit polling found that 21 percent of voters pointed to the Supreme Court as the ‘most important factor driving their vote’ and Trump won that group by 16 points.

"Judge Gorsuch’s record over the last 14 years, especially on religious liberty, gives Americans every reason to believe he will make a fine Supreme Court justice. His reputation as a judge with integrity and dedication to the Constitution should be an encouragement to all Americans.

“We are committed to working with President Trump and senators to help move the grassroots to gain the confirmation of Judge Gorsuch. This will be a battle but I am confident the president will get his nominee confirmed,” concluded Perkins.