Ken Blackwell on Fundraising for 2020


Fox Business |

September 18, 2019

Ken Blackwell analyzes fundraising numbers of Trump and the Democrats as well as both camp's presidential prospects in 2020.


  • The Equal Rights Amendment Is a Fraud Using Women as the Prop by Patrina Mosley

    Patrina Mosley is FRC's Director of Life, Culture, and Women's Advocacy. Tabitha Walter is Political Director for Eagle Forum. This article appeared on on February 10, 2020. The House Judiciary Committee recently marked up H.J.Res.79, and will soon get a ... (more)
  • Religious freedom is an inconvenient right to American progressives by Ken Blackwell

    Ken Blackwell is Senior Fellow for Human Rights and Constitutional Governance at Family Research Council. This article appeared in The Christian Post on February 9, 2020. As political and ideological divisions in our nation become more polarized, it seems religious ... (more)
  • Pakistan religious discrimination is enabling human trafficking by Arielle Del Turco and Travis Weber

    Travis Weber is FRC's Vice President of Policy and Government Affairs. Arielle Del Turco is with FRC's Center for Religious Liberty. This article appeared in The Washington Examiner on February 3, 2020. At 24 years old, Samia Yousaf was forced into marriage. She was ... (more)
  • The Plague of Morally Toxic Public Schools by Cathy Ruse

    Cathy Ruse is FRC's Senior Fellow for Legal Studies. This article appeared in Decision Magazine on February 1, 2020. What would happen if a child were to spend most of his waking hours, during most of his formative years, in an institution bent on persuading him to adopt ... (more)

Washington Watch Radio With Tony Perkins

Press Releases

  • FRC's Katherine Johnson to Speak at Virginia March for Life

    WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Katherine Johnson, FRC's Research Fellow for Legal and Policy Studies, will emcee the Virginia March for Life on February 13, 2020. The March for Life is hosting the event in partnership with ... (more)
  • FRC's Patrina Mosley Testifies Before Senate Judiciary Committee on the 'Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act'

    WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Today, Family Research Council's Patrina Mosley, Director of Life, Culture, and Women's Advocacy, testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection ... (more)
  • President Trump's Address Delivers Powerful, Unifying Vision for America; A Stellar Record Backs Him Up, Says Family Research Council

    WASHINGTON, D.C. - Family Research Council President Tony Perkins released the following statement in response to President Donald Trump's State of the Union Address: "President Trump delivered a powerful and ... (more)