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Defending America’s First Freedom

Thank you so much for your timely gift to Family Research Council. It will be put to immediate use in the fight to defend religious freedom.

Because of your faithfulness, FRC is reaching MILLIONS of your fellow Americans with the message that religious freedom matters. Thanks to your generous support, our leaders in Washington and every state capital can no longer ignore the growing threat to religious liberty in our country today.

Your faithful generosity enables FRC to stand alongside at a moment’s notice Christians like Kim Davis, Wes Modder, Kelvin Cochran, and the “Houston Five” who sacrificed so much to remain true to their faith.

FRC not only keeps their stories before the public eye and counters the misrepresentations of the mainstream media, but our staff members provide allies in Congress with the research they need to protect and preserve the religious freedom guaranteed by the Constitution.

The antagonists of faith may be numerous and well-funded, but they are no match for the power of the Living God and His saints.

Thanks again for your generous support. FRC could not accomplish all that it does without you.

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