Family Research Council

Stand for faith, family, and freedom!

Since the election of President Donald Trump, who is systematically following through on his conservative agenda promises, the radical Left has come absolutely unhinged - the hostility has reached a fever pitch.

But we won’t back down! With your help Family Research Council will continue to ...

  • OPPOSE those who openly mock biblical values and want to take away your religious liberty ...
  • STAND FIRMLY in support of the natural definition of marriage and family ...
  • DEFEND the rights of an unborn baby to live ...

Standing together, we can stop the hardened Left’s attempts to marginalize and silence the free exercise of Christianity.

For 35 years, FRC has been honored to be your voice in the media and the halls of power for biblical values. Thank you for partnering with us to ensure our shared conservative voice continues to be heard on Capitol Hill and across America.

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