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Year-End $1 Million Challenge Opportunity to Advance Religious Freedom

Jun 7 $300K
Jun 14 $800K
Jun 21 $1.4M
Jun 30 $2.5M

Stand Together to Advance Truth & Shape the Culture

During the recent crisis, FRC has been standing strong for faith, family, and freedom—speaking needed truth and influencing policies for the good of all.

Together we achieved so many victories over the past fiscal year:

  • Advancing religious liberty with the Trump administration, FRC has seen protections for our First Freedom strengthened.
  • Ensuring Congress assesses judicial nominees based on the Constitution by conducting thorough research on their records and informing the public and elected officials.
  • Educating citizens on the status of pro-life laws in every state with our interactive maps.
  • Challenging thousands of men to be men of God through our new Stand Courageous initiative.
  • Spreading the truth online, in print, on the radio, and even in the mainstream media!

To accomplish even more, we must raise $2.5 million in the month of June. That’s why several generous friends have put forward a $1 Million Challenge Match--so that whatever you give before June 30 will have double the impact.

As our nation recovers, the radical Left will be coming after your values in every way they can. But your vital support today will help FRC continue to counter their attacks, be your voice for biblical principles, and impact even more lives with the truth!

Help FRC finish this fiscal year strong and be positioned to seize the unprecedented opportunities—and face the unforeseen challenges—in the months ahead.

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