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Thank you for your generous gift to Family Research Council. Yes, 2016 will be one of the most dangerous years for religious freedom in our nation's history. Yet, with God's help, and yours, I am confident that truth will win out and America will once again embrace its Christian heritage.

FRC is already busy on Capitol Hill to undo the damage done by the growing assaults on religious liberty by the Obama administration and its radical allies on the Left. FRC experts are providing invaluable research to Members of Congress to help them enact policies that protect faith, family, and freedom in the military . . . in the workplace . . . in public schools . . . wherever First Amendment rights are threatened.

Thanks to your continued support, FRC hopes to expand the reach of our Washington Watch radio program and daily email bulletins, and to increase the presence of our experts in the media to shine the light of truth on the attempts of the Obama administration to subvert the Constitution and silence people of faith.

The greatest threat to religious liberty is not outside forces. It is Christians not willing to take a stand. As long as we join together in obedience and faith and don't hide in the shadows, we cannot lose. I thank God every day that you have the courage to live your faith, not only in word, but in deed. Your commitment to FRC is a real source of encouragement to our team.


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