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Thank you for your commitment to PRAY...PREPARE... and be PROACTIVE.

It is very heartening to know that you are standing with us—and by standing, I mean actively opposing those policies that silence faith . . . harm the family . . . and stifle freedom.

I’m sure you realize, as I do, the grave threat to our republic posed by the liberal radicals led by former President Obama.

Unlike past presidents who returned quietly to private life, Barack Obama has no intention of going away. In fact, he has set up a Washington command center in his new $5.3 million mansion about two miles from the White House. His goal is nothing less than to subvert the Trump presidency—and your religious freedom—in the process.

Your freedom to live according to your Christian faith—and the very republic founded on that faith—are in grave jeopardy. Thankfully, you have been part of a great outpouring of national support for the work of Family Research Council. Your tax-deductible gift today will help FRC stop this mounting insurgency that threatens our liberty.

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