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FRC’s Monthly Partners are steadfast supporters who champion faith, family and freedom by making automatic monthly investments in support of FRC's mission.

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The Benefits

  • Your gift is completely safe and secure.
  • Forget about stamps and checks - everything is done automatically for you!
  • Reduces FRC's administrative costs, ensuring a higher percentage of your gift goes directly to the programs you care about.
  • Helps FRC plan ahead knowing we can count on your timely support.

AND, for a limited time, as a sign of our appreciation, we'll send you these 2 items free:

Rediscovering God in America – We Invite you to join us on a walking tour of America's capital city, Washington, D.C.The next time someone says that religious expression has no place in the public square or classroom, just tell them about this walking tour...a reminder of God's role in the history and future of our Nation.

FRC's Ephesians 6:13 Coffee Mug – so you can enjoy your favorite coffee blend as you dive into your new book.

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