Family Research Council

Year-End $1 Million Challenge Opportunity to Advance Religious Freedom

Dec 8 $200K
Dec 15 $500K
Dec 22 $1M
Dec 31 $2.1M

Take a stand for faith, before it’s too late!

Our right to live our lives according to Scripture is under attack. Our faith is not only being driven out of the public square by the Left—our beliefs are at risk of being threatened within the four walls of our churches.

We cannot bow down to the Left’s assault on religion.

FRC needs $2.1 million by December 31 so we can continue to preserve and defend religious freedom for you and your family. And thanks to a generous $1 Million Matching Challenge, your vital contribution today will be DOUBLED, dollar for dollar.

While the Left is determined to drive America off the rails in pursuit of its progressive, godless agenda, FRC is advancing public policy for our shared values so that:

  • Every believer can live out their faith—employers and employees in the workplace, pastors in the pulpit, and students and teachers in schools—openly and without fear of punishment or fines.
  • Families can raise their children according to a biblical worldview and teach them religious principles.
  • Americans can enjoy the God-given freedoms guarded daily by our brave servicemen and women.

Thank you for partnering with FRC so together we can continue our historic pro-faith, pro-family, pro-freedom gains in 2020 and beyond.

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