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It’s Wednesday, June 26, 2019, and we’re getting ready for another exciting edition of Washington Watch with Tony Perkins, where each day we’re joined by America’s leaders, policy makers, and culture-shapers as we talk about the important issues of the day from a biblical worldview. Listen here live at 5:05 p.m. ET.

Today we’ll hear from:

  • Mike Johnson, U.S. Representative for the 6th District of Louisiana, on the so-called “Do No Harm Act,” a bill that would roll back the religious freedom protections in the 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act, and its hearing yesterday in the House Committee on Education and Labor.
  • Sam Brownback, U.S. Ambassador-at-large for International Religious Freedom, on the U.S. State Department’s annual religious freedom report, which found a “chilling array” of religious suppression around the world.
  • Mercedes Schlapp, Assistant to the President and Senior Advisor for Strategic Communications, on the crisis at the southern border and House Democrats’ reluctance to provide adequate funding to address the issue.

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Weekend Edition Archive

  • Weekend Edition - June 22, 2019

    June 22, 2019
    This weekend, we'll hear from: Travis Weber, FRC's Vice President for Policy and Director of the Center for Religious Liberty, on the Supreme Court victory for religious freedom in the case of American Legion vs. American Humanist Association, in which the Court ruled that a cross-shaped memorial to World War I soldiers in Bladensburg, Maryland did not constitute government endorsement of religion; Ted Yoho, U.S. Representative for the 3rd District of Florida, on Bernie Sanders' speech at George Washington University trying to defend "democratic socialism;" Brad Dacus, President of Pacific Justice Institute, who is defending a private Christian boarding school that was raided earlier this year by the state of California. The raid was prompted by a 10-year-old internet rumor and when the search didn't turn up anything, the state doubled down and has attacked the school's religious teachings -- saying the school has to either renounce its Biblical teachings on sexuality or shut down entirely. (More Details)
  • Weekend Edition - June 15, 2019

    June 15, 2019
    This weekend, we'll hear from: Josh Hawley, U.S. Senator from Missouri, on Michael Bogren's withdrawing his nomination to fill a federal court vacancy, and on Pinterest's absurd and outrageous new strategy to censor the phrase "Bible verses" and block a top pro-life site, Live Action; Eric Cochran, former engineer at Pinterest, who was fired for blowing the whistle on Pinterest's censorship of pro-life site Live Action; Ivy Shelton, pastor of First Baptist Church in Waskom, Texas, on the Waskom City Council unanimously declaring themselves a "sanctuary city of the unborn." (More Details)
  • Weekend Edition - June 8, 2019

    June 08, 2019
    This weekend we'll hear from: Mark Meadows, U.S. Representative for the 11th District of North Carolina and Chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, on the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announcing an end to fetal tissue research contracts through the National Institutes of Health; Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Jerry Boykin, Executive Vice President of Family Research Council and former commander of the U.S. Army's Delta Force, on his own father's involvement in D-Day and the importance of remembering those who fought and died. (More Details)
  • Weekend Edition - June 1, 2019

    June 01, 2019
    This weekend we'll hear from: Josh Hawley, U.S. Senator from Missouri, on his concerns about judicial nominee Michael Bogren; Justin Danhof, General Counsel for and Director of the Free Enterprise Project at the National Center for Public Policy Research, on Netflix's threat to boycott Georgia over their pro-life heartbeat bill; Franklin Graham, President and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Samaritan's Purse, on his call for a day of prayer for President Donald Trump on Sunday, June 2. (More Details)
  • Weekend Edition - May 25, 2019

    May 25, 2019
    This weekend we'll hear from: Vicky Hartzler, U.S. Representative for the 4th District of Missouri, on the discharge petition for the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act; Ted Cruz, U.S. Senator from Texas, on his demand that Yale Law School hand over documents that explain the school's alleged discrimination against Christian students; Phil Bryant, Governor of Mississippi, on a pro-abortion lower court judge who said the state's latest pro-life law "smacks of defiance" for enacting the will of the people through their duly elected representatives over and against his unilateral decision to block down a similar pro-life law passed last year. (More Details)
  • Weekend Edition - May 18, 2019

    May 18, 2019
    This weekend we'll hear from: Jeff Fortenberry, U.S. Representative for the 1st District of Nebraska, on Democratic efforts to circumvent the pro-life Mexico City policy and appropriate money for overseas abortions; Ja'Ron Smith, Deputy Assistant to the President and Deputy Director of the Office of American Innovation, on President Trump's immigration speech this week and how drugs smuggled over the border contribute to the opioid crisis; Robert Netzly, CEO of Inspire Investing, who wrote in the Christian Post that pro-LGBT investment funds are shuttering, while Biblically-based investment funds are soaring. (More Details)