GO Serve Women, GO Save Lives, GO Share Jesus: A Paradigm Shift in the Fight to End Abortion

GO Serve Women, GO Save Lives, GO Share Jesus: A Paradigm Shift in the Fight to End Abortion
May 29, 2013 12:00 ET

Thanks to the wonders of ultrasound technology, women considering abortion have the opportunity to see their child in the womb and the power of this visual tool forms a bond with their child that often changes hearts to choose life over death. Life affirming crisis pregnancy centers have been employing this technology for some time with great success but sadly many of the very women they wish to reach, for a variety of reasons, will not go or cannot get to a crisis pregnancy center.

ICU Mobile, the pioneer and leader of pro-life mobile ultrasound ministry, has been deploying lifesaving mobile medical ultrasound clinics throughout the United States. Their innovative "Fleet for Little Feet" is the fastest growing front line pro-life ministry in the country and the results are simply incredible. Leveraging a neutral medical brand and using a non-judgmental, non-political and non-coercive approach, the efficiency and effectiveness of their mobile teams in reach more abortion determined women, saving more lives from abortion and spreading the good news of the Gospel is changing our culture one heart at a time. ICU Mobile Executive Director Michael Homula will share the history and reveal the unique business minded approach of this ministry as well as demonstrate the efficiency and effectiveness of going to rather than waiting for women considering abortion.

Michael Homula came to ICU Mobile, the pioneer and leader of mobile pregnancy center ministry, in October of 2010 from the for profit world where he has over 18 years of corporate recruiting leadership, executive search, human resources and consulting experience.

Called to vocational ministry after an intense time of prayer in 2008, he could never have imagined that his personal story and life journey would be used by the Lord to bring him to the leadership role of ICU Mobile. His birth mother, whose husband was fighting in Vietnam, was raped following an office party in 1969 and became pregnant with Michael as a result. Faced with difficult and confusing circumstances, his birth mother chose to carry him to term and, in what can only be described as the ultimate act of love, she endured labor and delivery to give him life and subsequently placed him for adoption through Catholic Families and Charities.

Michael committed his life to following Christ on August 24, 2003 and is a member of The Chapel in Akron, Ohio. He loves to cook, read, enjoys all sports, is a passionate follower of Notre Dame (Go Irish!) and is an avid student of the American Civil War, specifically the battle of Gettysburg. He loves spending time with his family and friends and vacationing pretty much anywhere there is a beach, warm air and water.

"The best and truest measure of my success in this life and on this earth is the amount of Jesus others see in me. I am nothing. Christ is everything."

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