NDP Men's Study Time

NDP Men's Study Time
April 30, 2014 10:00 ET

FRC will host the National Day of Prayer Task Force's by-invitation-only men's study and prayer meeting on Wednesday, April 30th. Leading the meeting will be Pastor Steven Khoury, Danny Cahill, Tony Perkins, Dr. Kenyn Cureton and John Bornschein. In-person attendance is by-invitation-only (National Day of Prayer Task Force is in charge of the attendee list), but the event will be streamed live via webcast, allowing men across the nation to participate. To register to watch the live webcast, please see below.

One Voice, United in Prayer

Romans 15:6

9:30 Men to meet in the lobby of hotel to taxi to location
10:00-10:15 John Bornschein - Welcome
Intro each of our speakers and Dr. Kenyn Cureton
10:15-10:20 Dr. Kenyn Cureton - Intro Tony Perkins
10:20-10:25 Tony Perkins
10:25-10:40 Mike Stout
10:40-11:00 Pastor Steven Khoury
11:00-11:05 John Bornschein - Intro Danny Cahill
11:05-11:30 Danny Cahill
11:30-11:35 Begin Group Prayer - John Bornschein
Intro Nick Hall
11:35-11:40 Nick Hall (Opening Prayer)
11:40-11:55 Prayer Time (led by John Bornschein)
11:55-12:00 Dr. James Dobson - Close

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