Free to Believe: Religious Liberty in the Land of the Free
May 2, 2017 14:00 ET

Religious liberty is an indelible thread woven into the fabric of America. Without it, the American experiment will fail. Yet time and again, the freedom of Americans to believe and live out those beliefs has been attacked by government action. Now more than ever, our First Freedom of religious liberty needs protection at the highest levels of government in the form of an executive order that protects the rights of individuals and businesses to believe and live according to those beliefs.

Join FRC President Tony Perkins for a special program profiling real people whose freedom to believe has been affected in real ways. We’ll discuss the need for positive protections for religious freedom, and steps that can be taken to secure religious liberty for all Americans.


Guest Speakers

      Mike Berry, Esq.
      Chaplain Wes Modder
      Donald Vander Boon
      Dr. Everett Piper
      Archbishop William E. Lori
      Gregory S. Baylor, Esq

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