URGENT: Protect Marriage in Illinois


February 19, 2013 - Tuesday

Greetings from Family Research Council!

We wanted to share the following information with you from our friends at Illinois Family Institute. If you have previously received this message, please simply disregard this second contact. We did, however, want to make certain that you, your friends, and your neighbors would be aware of this very critical information.

We encourage you to join Illinois Family Institute in making your voice heard today!


Click HERE for a PDF version of the lobby day instructions.

When: Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

Where: Illinois State Capitol

Address: 401 S. 2nd Street, Springfield, IL 62701

Time: 10:30 am - 1:30 pm

Rally: At the Lincoln statue in front of the Capitol (10:30 AM)

...IFI is urging two groups of Illinoisans to ask some hard questions of any lawmaker who will be or may be voting in favor of the legalization of "same-sex marriage":

1. Those who will be going to Springfield should ask these questions when they meet with their representatives on Wednesday.

2. Those who are unable to go to Springfield should schedule appointments with their representatives in their local offices. Try to bring as many constituents as possible to these meetings, including local clergy.

Here are the questions to which lawmakers must respond:

  1. What is marriage? What are the inherent, fundamental constituent features of marriage?
  2. Supporters of this bill claim that marriage has no inherent connection to gender, sexual complementarity, or reproductive potential. If marriage has no inherent connection to gender, sexual complementarity or reproductive potential, why are you limiting it to two people?
  3. Marriage revisionists claim that the sole defining feature of marriage is love. They claim that marriage is solely about "who loves whom." If that's so, why is the government involved? Does the government have a vested interest in affirming the love of those in an inherently non-reproductive type of relationship? If the government has a vested interest in legally recognizing and affirming love, then why doesn't it recognize other loving relationships, like close platonic friendships?
  4. Do children have an inherent right to a mother and a father?
  5. Since many claim that access to marriage is a "civil right," could you tell me what civil rights are? Is access to civil rights guaranteed to couples or to individuals?...

Compel your lawmaker to defend his or her vote with actual reasons rather than superficial sound bites. Ask, and ask, and ask until they answer. Don't settle for evasion and obfuscation. Your lawmakers work for you. They are your public servants. Write their answers down and send them to us and to your local press in letters to the editor. If you forget to print this list of questions, it will be available at the IFI desk in the Capitol Rotunda on Wednesday.

...If we say and do nothing as homosexuals and their ideological allies vigorously push to legalize what should be inconceivable, we bear significant responsibility for the presence of pernicious, fallacious ideas in elementary schools.

If we say and do nothing while the government becomes complicit in the destruction of marriage, we bequeath to our children and grandchildren a country of diminished rights and greater oppression, which will follow as surely as night follows day.

If we say and do nothing, we get what we deserve.

Please join us in Springfield on Feb. 20 and inspire others around the country like Illinois homeschoolers and the people of France have inspired us! And for those who cannot make it, please schedule meetings with your representatives in their local offices.

Thank you for standing with us and Illinois Family Institute to protect and defend Faith, Family, and Freedom!