FRC's Bold Answer to the Left


March 12, 2013 - Tuesday

Family Research Council has taken a bold new action . . . and I'm asking for your prayers and immediate financial help for the breakthrough project I will present.

During the past three decades FRC has led the way in advancing and defending Christian values and religious liberty in the public policy realm. Our victories on Capitol Hill--your victories--have been numerous. And these will continue.

The problem is that we've entered a new era.

Why? The election and reelection of President Barack Obama . . . the complete submission of the liberal media to his anti-freedom, anti-Judeo-Christian agenda . . . the historic power grab by Washington over almost every aspect of our lives, including the attempt to suppress religious freedom and values . . .

And, in the face of this historic tidal wave, we have also seen the refusal of even the conservative media to adequately address social issues or consider the spiritual damage of the Left's escalated attacks.

I'm afraid the conservative media generally refuses to discuss the great moral issues of the day while President Obama pushes full steam ahead fundamentally transforming America's moral landscape.

As much as I am an enthusiastic supporter of conservative talk radio, I still walk away frustrated that most of these programs don't touch on what is at the core of America's economic and cultural deficit. Rarely is a subject approached from a distinctly Christian worldview.

Most of America's problems at their core are spiritual. And we, as followers of Jesus Christ, are called to be salt and light. To serve in this way, we must approach everything--politics, culture, education, finances, all the pressing issues of the day--from a Christian worldview.

That is why I need your help today.

FRC has a solution, but I need you to be part of it. I am counting on you and our many other friends to stand alongside the FRC team and me to help shape and influence the major policy debates of our time.

As you may be aware, just a few weeks ago, FRC took a bold step forward to meet these challenges head-on by launching a nationwide radio program called WASHINGTON WATCH with Tony Perkins.

FRC's new live, one-hour, daily radio program was a step of faith because radio is costly. Yet given the urgency of the times we live in and the challenges we face, we believed this was something that we must do.

What makes WASHINGTON WATCH radio different?

First, it analyzes the day's headlines and events from a distinctly biblical perspective and focuses on issues that are the most critical for the future of faith, family, and freedom in America.

Second, at a time when Washington is moving away from the people, our program brings the people to the doorstep of their government. Broadcast from our headquarters just blocks from the White House and Capitol, WASHINGTON WATCH listeners across America will receive important information firsthand. Because FRC is on the Hill every day, and meets regularly with members of Congress, senators, and other government officials, I don't rely on secondhand stories from the Internet. You'll get the inside scoop each and every day directly from the primary sources.

Third, WASHINGTON WATCH has renowned guests who are in-the-know--legal experts, policy experts, nationally-acclaimed writers, military leaders, television personalities, church leaders, and true-blue conservative elected leaders you've come to trust and respect.

In fact, every day these leaders like U.S. Senator Ted Cruz or Congressman Eric Cantor are asking to come on the program. Why? Because they have so few other ways to speak directly to the American people with the facts and ideas that can stop President Obama's destructive policies and turn our nation around.

Fourth, you can be an important part of a national movement on these issues. You'll be able to call in, ask questions and remain informed and up to date on the latest facts and policy threats. WASHINGTON WATCH is already helping millions of listeners come to understand for the first time how a biblical worldview should impact public policy.

Now I need you to help provide more Americans the instant, "inside" information they need to take fast strategic action on the spiritual issues at the heart of our nation's crisis.

So I'm asking you to -

1) Listen and get others to listen. I urge you to listen regularly to WASHINGTON WATCH and encourage your family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers to do so.

Here are ways you can be a part of Washington Watch: (1) Go to to listen live online or to get a complete listing of radio stations. (2) Listen via the iTunes app, FRC Radio.

2) Pray, and give generously today. Pray that God would touch the hearts of those providing the financial support to undergird FRC's efforts and for the millions of listeners that they would be energized to stand and fight for that which is right. And please send a special donation. In addition to all the other activities we're doing each day in Washington, D.C., we need your help to fund this national daily radio effort.

By God's grace, your generous support will enable the WASHINGTON WATCH radio program to bypass the liberal media news monopoly and reach millions of Americans and their families on a daily basis--but only if we expand our outreach.

Right now, WASHINGTON WATCH is broadcast on 127 stations, the Internet and on AFA SkyAngel channel 114. We are in intense discussions with several leading conservative radio networks to get this program on many more Christian stations so we can provide an up-to-date, accurate and informative news source for more concerned Christians.

But doing this will put a real strain on FRC's budget which is already stretched thin.

So will you send a special donation today to help us sustain and advance this initiative?

This is a key moment. Please give the most generous gift possible to help FRC increase its effectiveness in advancing faith, family and freedom on Capitol Hill and across America.