Is God giving America another chance?

Is God giving America another chance?

I recently wrote you a letter asking you to help FRC seize what I believe is a God-given opportunity -- an open door to stop a rapidly encroaching tyranny in America.

If you haven't yet responded to my letter, I hope you will take a moment to give now.

You see, the scandals that have exploded within the administration of President Barack Obama have the potential to wake up Americans -- and Congress -- to the attack on freedom that is at the core of this administration.

Is it really "tyranny"? You be the judge:

  • American families are being forced by ObamaCare to buy health insurance they don't want . . . and which will lead to rationing for the weak and elderly.
  • Christians are being forced to buy ObamaCare insurance that funds abortion drugs.
  • The IRS has been caught harassing and bullying a growing number of groups, including ministries -- for the "offense" of opposing the Obama agenda.
  • Obama awarded the IRS official in charge of the harassment with a promotion and $103,900 bonus.
  • The Department of Justice has been caught spying on news reporters.
  • The Department of Defense has been caught persecuting Christians.
  • The Department of State has been caught covering up the Benghazi scandal and punishing dissident officials trying to blow the whistle.
  • Federal officials have stated that homosexual rights will supersede religious rights.

That's just a sample -- and why I need you to give now to help FRC stop this tyranny.

We have a God-given opportunity we must seize now . . .

The Obama scandals have stunned the White House. And the scandals are waking up Americans to what FRC has warned for the last five years.

Your gift now will help FRC as our team of 82 staff and experts work on Capitol Hill and the media to take advantage of this moment to educate decision makers about:

  • Abolishing the IRS.
  • Repealing ObamaCare and its anti-faith mandates.
  • Bringing corrupt officials to justice.
  • Repealing persecution of religion in the military.
  • Stopping the homosexual agenda from destroying religious liberty in schools and the workplace.
  • Exposing "big government socialism" for what it is: an effort to shove biblical values out of social influence and shut down the gospel.

This is all possible now because the scandals are opening eyes. But we must keep the momentum going. Your gift now will help us seize this opportunity to turn back the tide of the last five disastrous years for faith, family and freedom.

Remember, White House advisor Dan Pfeiffer, asked about the IRS scandal, said, "The law is irrelevant." That's the language of tyranny.

Please answer those who would make us their "subjects" with your donation now.

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