Just a few more hours and it's history

Just a few more hours and it's history

The clock is literally ticking. As we send you this e-mail reminder, it's a matter of hours before our 2013 accounting year comes to a close. At midnight tonight we close the books on 2013.

October also means the return of the Supreme Court and the compounding of the tasks before us. It is fair to say that we have never, ever had as much important work to do. Or such an 11th hour sprint to try and make up the gap we are facing right now. We need your gift -- or a second or third gift before midnight.

Unlike the rest of Washington, D.C., we will not spend money we do not have. We must not compromise our integrity or our future impact and viability.

Tomorrow -- unless the $1.2 million still needed is received by midnight tonight -- we will start picking and choosing what issues we need to let go unchallenged.

As I mentioned a few days ago, we will be faced with some harrowing decisions if we don't make the goal.

Which of these critical areas would you abandon:

  • Late-term abortion?
  • The growing move toward euthanasia for retirees?
  • Life-destroying embryonic stem cell research?
  • Women's health and the consequences for the born and unborn?
  • Same-sex "marriage"?
  • Parental rights?
  • The LGBT lobby's agenda and the risk of Christians being charged with hate crimes?
  • Pornography and its impact on our children and families?
  • The rights of Christians in our military?
  • Freedom to share Christian faith and values in the public square?
  • Research programs on issues vital to families, faith, and freedom?

We are trusting God -- and praying -- that He will move friends like you to give generously to the American Family Campaign.

Please pray with and for FRC right now and as often as God bring us to mind between now and midnight tonight.

If you believe FRC's voice needs to be heard amid the secular, progressive shouting and agenda, Please give generously now. Thank you for standing with us for America's families!

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