Victory for military freedom!

Victory for military freedom!

Late last night, a bipartisan majority in the Senate overwhelmingly voted to strengthen conscience and religious freedom protections for our men and women in uniform. Passage of the 2014 National Defense Authorization Act requires the Armed Forces to accommodate a service member's ability to practice and express their religious beliefs and to issue regulations formalizing those safeguards. These common-sense protections provide clear affirmation of our troops' religious rights, following a year of incidents in which religious military personnel have seen their convictions ridiculed or prevented from being expressed.

Because of the unique culture of the military, confusion at the command level regarding First Amendment liberties tends to result in the chilling of religious expression. Congress has rightly provided additional clarity to the military with last night's vote, reaffirming that there is no excuse for the Department of Defense to curtail the very rights our troops fight to defend.

This victory for religious freedom is, in large part, thanks to the efforts of tens thousands of concerned citizens like you. Because of your support, FRC has led the charge on Capitol Hill and the media to ensure that the fundamental right to religious liberty is secure for our brave servicemen and women.

This is an issue which has deep effects upon real lives, as one Air Force Master Sergeant Philip Monk found out when he tried to speak the truth about his faith. Watch him tell his story and share this video with your friends and family:

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By standing with FRC, you're ensuring that the thousands of Americans of faith in the military have a voice. With your continued and generous help we will hold the line!

Thank you for your partnership, prayers and support. We are honored to stand together for our soldiers.

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