Urge Congress to Act to Defend Religious Freedom

Congress is back home for the Holidays, creating a calm before the storm set to hit when the House and Senate will once again have to reach a deal on spending to avert a government shutdown by January 15th.

Your Senators and Representatives should be in their districts and states right now and they need to hear from you to protect religious liberties of employers and individuals from the onerous HHS mandate. The HHS mandate forces all employers to provide health plans that include drugs that can destroy human embryos, contraceptives and sterilizations for free.... even if they have religious or moral objections to such coverage!

If Congress does not act, religious employers will be either forced to violate their conscience due to the HHS mandate or drop healthcare coverage for their employee's altogether.

Employers, even religious employers, face massive fines if they offer health plans without such drugs and devices. FRC and Alliance Defending Freedom conducted a poll showing 59% of likely voters oppose the HHS mandate.

However, Congress has not passed conscience protections or even delayed the HHS mandate even while supporters of ObamaCare increasingly call on the President to delay other parts of the bill.

Why not protect conscience of employers and individuals and delay the HHS mandate?

Otherwise, employers will be forced to violate their conscience or face penalties up to $36,500 per employee per year.

We need you to urge Members and Senators to act on the "Omnibus spending bill" they must pass by January 15th to protect conscience rights or even delay the HHS mandate since the mandate itself hits non-profit religious employers starting after January 1st.

Congress last week agreed to a budget framework, but they must pass the numerous spending bills by January 15 or face another government shutdown. These bills will be complied into an "Omnibus" spending bill and will move quickly right after New Year 's Day. We need you to urge your Member of Congress, especially Democrats in the Senate, to agree to putting conscience protections (or even a delay of the HHS mandate) in the Omnibus spending bill by January 15th before these faith-based groups must begin violating their conscience or cutting jobs or dropping coverage for their employees.

Religious freedom is essential to our democracy, and we urge you to act now.

Click here to download a copy of FRC Action's 1 page summary of the Health and Human Services' HHS mandate.

Let Congress Know You Want to Protect Your Religious Freedoms in the FY2014 Omnibus Spending Bill.

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