Tonight Matters

Tonight Matters

Dear [dear_name],

We do not have much time left.

There are now less than 24 hours before we reach our 2013 fundraising deadline, and FRC is looking forward to celebrating the New Year on a high note.

But we can't do that unless we have your support.

Please lend your support to FRC with a contribution of $[gift_array_low], $[gift_array_med], or even $[gift_array_high] right now, before our midnight deadline.

We still have challenge funds remaining, which means that every dollar that you give will be instantly matched!

[dear_name], we've accomplished so much in 2013. Now think about how much we can accomplish in 2014 when we double down on your support.

You can help us continue fighting for the traditional values that we believe in, and continue advancing faith, family and freedom in 2014.

We still have more work to do:

Fighting for traditional family values.

Fighting to protect the religious liberties guaranteed to the men and women in our military.

Forcing Eric Holder and the Department of Justice to uphold the law and enforce the Defense of Marriage Act.

Challenging Obamacare and protecting Christians from being forced to fund abortions.

This is just the beginning of everything that we can do in 2014, if we have your support.

Don't let another second pass. Contribute your gift of $[gift_array_low], $[gift_array_med], or even $[gift_array_high] to FRC right now.

With the New Year comes a new slate, and an opportunity to renew the fight against those that seek to destroy the traditional values that carried America to greatness.

Don't miss your chance to be a part of the work that FRC is doing.

With your help, we'll make 2014 another great year for advancing faith, family and freedom.

Standing (Ephesians 6:13),

Tony Perkins


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