[dear_name], we need your support now.

[dear_name], we need your support now.

It is very important that I hear from you as soon as possible.

Faith, family, and freedom in America are more threatened today than at any previous time in FRC's 30-year history. Now more than ever, FRC needs your continued prayers and financial support.

Far too many Christians have been content to sit on the sidelines and hope that things get better. I thank God every day that you are not one of them. Your faithful commitment to FRC has demonstrated that you realize what's at stake -- the fate of religious freedom in the United States. You know that if we do nothing, the Christian witness on which our country was founded will disappear from the public square forever.

We must go on the offensive.

In preparation for that offensive, the first item on FRC's strategic agenda this year is to inform you about the state of religious liberty in America today. Because the mainstream media has blacked out information on the greatest threat to the Constitution since the Civil War, FRC needs to make sure that you are fully aware of the Obama administration's efforts to destroy the First Amendment freedoms American's have enjoyed for centuries.

Just look at how blatant and vicious the attacks on religious freedom have become.

The ability of military service members to share and express one's religious faith has been stifled, as we have seen from numerous instances.  Employers may soon be forced to provide and pay for marital benefits for same-sex couples. The hiring practices of churches and other faith-based organizations could also fall under government control. And our nation's courts are being packed with liberal, activist judges whose legal philosophies lead them to silence Christians.

I see 2014 as a turning point.

FRC will redouble its efforts in this critical year to build a strong coalition of allies in Washington who will work tirelessly to DEFEND the religious freedom of the brave servicemen and women who defend our nation ... STOP the provisions of ObamaCare that Christians find morally repugnant ... OPPOSE same-sex "marriage" ... SAFEGUARD the Church from government intrusion ... and PROTECT the rights of Christian business owners to run their companies according to their biblical worldview.

It is FRC's goal this year to increase the number of radio stations carrying Washington Watch from 150 stations to 200. We also need to equip and mobilize thousands more congregations nationwide to leave the safety of their church walls and winsomely work to reclaim our culture. We need to be ready at a moment's notice to stand in the gap to stop programs and policies that trample upon biblical truth.

But we cannot do it alone. We need your help to make this ambitious agenda a reality.

Please give whatever you can to help FRC protect your religious freedom for the sake of the Gospel. I know it's easy in these troubled times to hold back. But to do so now would certainly make your future even more uncertain. Consider your gift to FRC today as investment in liberty.

FRC needs your financial gift right away.

Thank you very much for all you have done to support FRC and all you will do to protect the religious freedom of future generations. God bless you.

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