Urge your representatives to uphold Jindal's pro-life veto!

We urge you before Monday to contact your state representatives and urge them to oppose any effort to vote to override the veto by Governor Bobby Jindal of legislation which for the first time would recognize surrogacy contracts in Louisiana. Similar legislation was vetoed last session. This bill H.B. 187 raises serious ethical and social concerns about surrogacy, including a significant lack of pro-life protections for embryos that will be created through IVF. For example, the bill would provide state sanction for the laboratory creation of living human embryos, such creation being an integral part of the stipulated surrogacy process, but without legal protections for the young human beings who are created. Common clinical laboratory practice involves the creation of many more embryos than are clinically needed to have a baby, so many are frozen, discarded or set aside for destructive research.

H.B. 187 does not provide for protections against these practices. While we must work to compassionately help those who struggle with infertility, Louisiana's legislature should not override Governor Jindal's veto of this legislation that will undermine the inherent dignity of every human life from conception until death.

Please call your state representatives and urge them to OPPOSE any effort to override the Veto.

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