Meriam Ibrahim Still in Sudan, Intervention by U.S. Needed

Reports out of Sudan tell us that Meriam Ibrahim has been freed from prison after a Sudanese court ordered her released. However, in attempting to leave Sudan, Meriam, her American husband Daniel Wani, and their two children were detained by Sudanese authorities at the airport, and as of this writing have still not been permitted to exit the country. After spending months in jail awaiting a death sentence for the failure to renounce her Christian faith, Meriam’s court-ordered release and the cancellation of a previous court ruling against her was a major victory.This victory will be jeopardized unless U.S. leaders underscore the importance of ensuring this family’s release and freedom to travel. We are encouraged to see U.S. Embassy officials in Sudan assisting Meriam and her family, but continue to urge Secretary of State John Kerry to call on the Sudanese government to stop detaining Meriam’s family.

Thanks to concern from thousands of activists like you (over 53,000 of you signed a petition urging the Obama Administration to publically pressure Sudan to free Meriam), the British government and media, a handful of determined U.S. Members of Congress, and the prayers of millions, a Sudanese appeals court had ordered Meriam released and canceled a previous court’s ruling sentencing her to death. Because Meriam is not out of danger, we must continue calling on our officials to intervene on Meriam’s behalf.

The Obama Administration must make it abundantly clear that it will hold Sudanese officials responsible for the safety and well-being of Meriam and her family. Help us today urge Secretary Kerry to take action. Please sign our petition to Secretary Kerry asking him to act immediately on behalf of Meriam, her husband, and her children. Meriam may be free from prison, but as long as she remains in Sudan danger still exists for her.

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