Obama Administration breaking the law?

Obama Administration breaking the law?

Our nation is in crisis.

Today, America's President has surrounded himself with an administration that disregards the law. The result: wave after wave of outrageous scandals.

President Obama has sworn an oath to uphold the law -- to "preserve, protect, and defend" the Constitution -- and yet his policy ideas are destructively leading America away from a respect for the rule of law.

We see it in the ever expanding IRS scandal -- the use of a federal agency to target Christian and conservative individuals and groups who don't agree with the President, withholding tax-exempt status in order to stunt their work and diminish their influence.

The IRS has also target-audited conservatives. (The House Ways and Means Committee has learned that Tea Party donors were audited ten times more than the average American!) And they've publicly released confidential tax information on conservative groups.

This is a scandal with the potential to impact you and every other American. If the government can oppress conservative groups, Tea Party groups, organizations that advocate for natural marriage, they can turn their sights on churches as well, and on those who donate to churches.

But with your help, FRC is fighting back! We are representing your values and standing firm in advancing your freedoms -- but we need you to be involved personally, today.

Americans will not get the information they need about the lawlessness of this President and his associates through the mainstream media. We've got to get the word out -- to inform your friends and family members about what's happening in Washington and equip them to take effective action.

That's why some close friends of FRC have committed to matching, dollar for dollar, every donation given in response to the Campaign this month, up to $40,000. Will you help us meet this goal and continue our vital work of holding this administration accountable?

Thank you for partnering with FRC.

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