Over 70 examples of lawlessness!

Over 70 examples of lawlessness!

I have recently communicated to you about the scandals engulfing the President and his administration, and the risk they pose to your own family, your own freedoms.

Sadly, the list of scandals goes on and on. It's almost as if we have a scandal du jour.

  • Look at the National Security Administration, sweeping millions of Americans' telephone records without authorization.
  • Look at Benghazi -- the White House politicizing this tragedy and covering up the truth.

Senator Ted Cruz has released a report detailing 76 examples of lawlessness by the Obama administration!

It is no exaggeration to say: Our nation is in crisis.

The great question before you and me today, and the American people as a whole, is whether we will stand by and allow rampant lawlessness at the highest reaches of our government.

We see what happens when concerned citizens unite in giving to FRC.

Finally, we're gaining traction on holding this administration accountable to the law: a special counsel on the IRS scandal; disgraced IRS tax-exemption boss, Lois Lerner, being held in contempt of Congress; a select committee on Benghazi; the Supreme Court ruling late last month that the government cannot force Hobby Lobby's owners to violate their conscience by paying for drugs that can end human life; and more.

Your generous gift today will keep us at work on Capitol Hill . . . keep us educating and equipping Senators and Representatives so they can support legislation that promotes faith, family and freedom.

Remember: Every dollar you give to FRC will be doubled -- but only if we reach the full $40,000 matching goal!

We cannot turn a blind eye to this administration for even one minute. We've got to remain vigilant -- FRC can't take the summer off. We must keep working to protect families from the initiatives of this administration, which are clearly anti-family, anti-faith, anti-freedom.

Thank you for standing with us for America!

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