See how you are making a difference.

See how you are making a difference.

I've sent this urgent email because the end of Family Research Council's fiscal year is fast approaching. To make sure that we do not have to pull back at a time when we are experiencing an unprecedented attack on faith, family and freedom, FRC must receive $3.5 million by September 30.

I'm asking for your immediate donation to achieve this goal, because -- as I trust you know -- this is about more than budgets. It's about the survival of faith, family and freedom against rising government attacks.

FRC's dedicated team needs your fiscal year-end gift to sustain our current efforts to:

  • Protect the rights of parents to educate their children.
  • Preserve natural marriage from the corrosive Left.
  • Defend our First Amendment freedoms of religion and speech.
  • Expose and overturn the lawlessness of the IRS, the Department of Justice and other government agencies that are running roughshod over the Constitution.
  • Stop organizations like the radical Southern Poverty Law Center from destroying the rights of our nation's brave military men and women to freely exercise their faith.

The liberal media will never admit it, but because of your faithfulness, FRC's impact is immense!

Victories like these helped preserve religious freedom and values in America at a time when the opposition wants to utterly destroy them and "transform" America.

But stopping the attacks of those who hate your religious values and freedom costs money. Radical groups such as the ACLU and homosexual rights groups have a ready source of income from the Hollywood establishment, the LGBT community, and left-wing billionaires such as George Soros. Now we must even add the federal government to this list of radical funding sources as the Obama administration uses our own tax dollars to fund the war on Christianity and religious liberty.

FRC relies almost totally on the generosity of faithful people like you to oppose these high-dollar organizations. Yet by God's grace, we keep standing and even winning.

But to keep up our absolutely crucial efforts, FRC is relying on you to help us meet our fiscal year-end goal of $3.5 million. We need your most generous gift before September 30.

Thank you for standing with FRC at this most critical time. God bless you for giving sacrificially to further His kingdom.

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