Mariam is Free, but Needs Your Help

Mariam is Free, but Needs Your Help

Click here to donateJust months ago, Mariam Ibraheem, a 27-year old Christian mother, sat chained in a deadly Khartoum prison with her toddler and newborn for the alleged "crime" of converting to Christianity. Today, thanks to the grace of God working through the prayers and actions of Christians around the world like you, Mariam and her family have found freedom in America.

Many FRC supporters have expressed a desire to help Mariam and her family adjust to their new life here in the United States. One tangible way to do this is by providing a handicapped-accessible van so that the family can travel together. As you may know, these types of vehicles are costly. We have set a goal to raise $70,000 to pay for the van and the conversion costs. You can join with us in blessing this family who has been through so much.

We are partnering with Helping Hands Ministries to ensure that your donation goes to this essential need for Mariam and her family. Please follow this link for more information on how you can directly help this family with their needs.

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