Another Chaplain Needs Your Help!

Yet another military chaplain has landed himself in trouble for following the teachings of his faith. Lt. Commander Wes Modder, a decorated U.S. Navy Chaplain who has served with distinction for 19 years, has been removed from his duties and will be brought before an official Board of Inquiry and could be ultimately forced out of the military.

Why is such drastic action being taken against someone who was recommended for early promotion? Chaplain Modder expressed biblical views of sexual morality, including homosexuality, when counseling another officer. For this, he is accused of “failing to show tolerance and respect.”

Chaplain Modder -- a Christian chaplain -- gave biblical counsel about sexual morality, and now he’s in danger of losing his job. This kind of intimidation must not be allowed to continue. The chaplaincy exists in order to give spiritual care to men and women who serve our country, sacrifice much, and are often daily in harm’s way. When a chaplain is not allowed to speak the tenets of his faith, what is left for him to speak?

Please read the petition below to the Secretary of Defense Ash Carter and the Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus calling for Chaplain Modder to be fully restored and all charges to be dropped against him. If you agree with it, click the link to sign it. We will deliver your petition to them to show them that the American people will not stand for their military being whitewashed of faith.

Dear Secretary Carter and Secretary Mabus,
The action taken against Lt. Commander Wes Modder is unacceptable, and must be rescinded immediately.  Chaplains in the military must be allowed to fully and freely represent in word and in deed the faith communities that have endorsed them. Chaplain Modder should be free to counsel according to his biblical faith on the issues of sexuality, morality, and any other issue.  I urge you to take action to restore Chaplain Modder and ensure that his religious freedom is secure.

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Lt. Gen. (US Army-Ret.) William "Jerry" Boykin
Executive Vice President

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