Help Us Stop the Battle against Our Armed Forces

The men and women of the United States military serve with distinction throughout the world, but a battle for their hearts and minds is being waged against them here at home.

It has been recently brought to light that a defense organization that produces training courses and material for the armed forces, the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI), has been using curriculum for a course on sexism that teaches the notion that the Bible, the United States Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence are "historical influences that allow sexism to continue."

When brought to light, the courses were taken off the DEOMI website and marked as “under revision,” but simply hiding such Leftist propaganda from public view doesn’t get to the root of the problem. Our military men and women put their lives on the line to defend our Constitution, and many of them do so proudly with a faith in the God of the Bible. To teach courses that undermine the faith of our service men and women and our nation’s founding documents is to undermine those who defend America.

Please join me in signing our petition to Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter that urges him to get DEOMI under control. The organization is already in turmoil, with its commandant, Col. Morris “Reese” Turner having been suspended in December for alleged “inappropriate touching.”

Please read the petition below, and if you agree, sign it with me and let’s together send a message that our troops deserve better.

To: Defense Secretary Ashton Carter
The recent news that the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI) was teaching a course that cited the Bible, the United States Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence as "historical influences that allow sexism to continue," reflects a repeated pattern by DEOMI in the past few years that shows disdain for the America that our armed forces defend and love. Although this particular curriculum was removed and placed "under revision," the continued hostility shown toward religion and our founding documents is inconsistent with the mission and mindset of our service members. Our armed forces are asking young men and women to put their lives on the line for our Constitution, yet teaches them through DEOMI to denigrate that same Constitution.
This cannot stand.
I urge you to instruct DEOMI Commandant Col. Morris "Reese" Turner to get control of this waste of American defense dollars and to make all of DEOMI's curriculum available for public scrutiny, so any further continued devaluation of religion or our founding documents will be brought to light.


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