Pledge to Pray for Karen Pence


January 17, 2019 - Thursday

This week Vice President Mike Pence's wife Karen was attacked by vocal LGBT activists and by some in the media. The reason? For teaching at a Christian school that still teaches the Bible as the authoritative word of God!

The headlines suggest that Karen Pence and the Christian school are somehow targeting people who identify as LGBT.

  • "Karen Pence teaching art at school that bans gay students, parents" (CNN)
  • "Vice-president's wife, Karen Pence to teach at anti-LGBT school" (BBC News)
  • "Karen Pence Is Teaching at Christian School That Bars L.G.B.T. Students and Teachers" (NY Times)

The truth is that Karen, like other Christians faithful to the Bible, believes sexual conduct outside of the marriage of a man and woman is contrary to God's plan. This attack on Mrs. Pence is more evidence of the growing intolerance, if not outright hostility toward biblical truth and those who live by that truth, especially those who hold positions in the public square. The message being sent is quite clear: (1) Biblical faith and adherence must be checked at the door of public service (which is a reverse religious test), and (2) Those who hold to these "antiquated" views should be relegated to the margins of society.

As Christians, we should all stand with Karen Pence during this moment of public harassment for her faith. Please join me in signing our prayer pledge for Karen Pence to show that you will stand with and pray for Karen. We will deliver the pledge to her to encourage her that she's not alone.