Dear friend,

"What has happened to America? How can I protect my children and grandchildren? They're teaching that in school?!"

"What can I do to stop this?"

You've likely pondered similar questions. So have countless other concerned parents, grandparents, teachers, and pastors who have reached out to me from all across America.

Since 1983, thanks to the support of generous partners like you, Family Research Council has been your voice advocating and advancing faith, family, and freedom in our nation's capital. But now we must take our engagement to a new level to face the rising challenges in our nation and seize opportunities to advance a biblical worldview in every area.

As we have stood faithfully for biblical values, the Left has become increasingly brazen in their push to radically transform America into a nation where:

  • Abortion through all nine months of pregnancy is not only legal but also paid for by your tax dollars,
  • People of faith are forced to celebrate and affirm LGBT ideology,
  • Children are encouraged to receive experimental "gender transition" procedures,
  • The influence of the Bible and Christianity are removed from our schools and the public square,
  • And so much more!

What is the key to making their vision of a godless society a reality? Our children and grandchildren.

The far Left understands that if they can capture the hearts and minds of America's youth--and turn them into activists for their anti-biblical worldview--they will cement the transformation of our culture for the foreseeable future.

That's why they have targeted our children for decades by infiltrating the education system, social media, and the entertainment industry.

Our nation's cultural influencers and gatekeepers are coming for our kids' hearts, minds, and ultimately their souls.

You can use parental guides to guard what your children watch at home, on TV, or online. But what can you do when they are being indoctrinated with anti-biblical or anti-American viewpoints in schools?

We at Family Research Council refuse to wave a white flag and surrender the next generation to the far Left's agenda.

This week, will you join our For the Sake of Our Children campaign to expand and accelerate our efforts to:

  • Counter the far Left's indoctrination in schools and media;
  • Mobilize parents, pastors, and concerned citizens to stand for truth; and
  • Equip the next generation with a biblical worldview?


When schools shut down last year due to COVID-19, thanks to virtual schooling, many parents got a front-row seat to observe what kind of "education" their children were receiving. They saw firsthand how children--some as young as five years old--were being taught subjects through the lens of Critical Race Theory (CRT) and radical sexual orientation and gender ideology.

But leftist activists have only become more and more brazen in their indoctrination, with a recent story detailing how one teacher in California had her students pledge allegiance to the LGBT rainbow flag!

While homeschooling is on the rise, not all parents have this option. Over 90 percent of school-aged children still attend public schools. We cannot abandon them to the LGBT agenda and CRT indoctrination.

Through our For the Sake of Our Children campaign, you can partner with FRC and thousands of spiritually active, governance engaged conservative Christians (SAGE Cons) in taking a stand for the next generation and the future of America.

With the support of partners like you, for 38 years FRC has faithfully educated believers on the far Left's deceptive tactics, encouraged pastors to speak out for biblical and moral truth, and equipped parents and concerned Americans with the tools and resources necessary to make a difference in their sphere of influence.

These resources are being put to good use around the country, including as part of our legislative affiliate, FRC Action's School Board Boot Camp. Over 1,200 parents and family members participated in the first event held in June--showing how energized and engaged people are in turning the current cultural tide.

Will you join us by sharing the For the Sake of Our Children campaign with your friends and family and by giving a gift of $10, $25, $50, or $100 today?

Thanks to generous friends of FRC putting forward a $1 Million Challenge Match, your impact for faith, family, and freedom in America will be QUADRUPLED.

That's right, any gift you give before the Friday 10AM ET deadline will have four times the impact. So don't hesitate!

For your gift of any size, we will send you a series of digital publications to help educate and equip you to take the next steps in protecting children in your community. And if you feel led to give a generous gift of $100 or more, you will receive a beautiful, framed prayer of blessing for your family to display at home.

For the sake of the next generation and the future of America, will you stay silent or will you stand and be counted for the cause of righteousness?


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