Marcos Perez, Jeremy Dys, Paul Cook

Marcos Perez, Jeremy Dys, Paul Cook

Tony Perkins

March 31, 2014

On Monday's edition of "Washington Watch with Tony Perkins," Marcos Perez, the father of the 5 year-old girl in Florida who was told she was not allowed to bless her food during her lunch period. Liberty Institute's Jeremy Dys will join Tony as well. The two men will try and help us understand what this teacher was thinking and discuss the latest in the case. Also, Rep. Paul Cook (R-Calif.) will be on to talk about his recent op-ed for Breitbart News and how the defunding of our military has left the door open for leaders like Vladimir Putin to overreach their authority.

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Poll Question: The education system in America has become so secular that a 5 year old girl in Florida can't even bless her food at the lunch table without being told to stop. Do you agree that the left is twisting the first amendment to further their anti-god agenda? Click here to take our poll question.

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