Ted Yoho, Todd Starnes, General Boykin, Bishop E.W. Jackson

Ted Yoho, Todd Starnes, General Boykin, Bishop E.W. Jackson

Tony Perkins

March 9, 2015

On Monday’s edition of “Washington Watch with Tony Perkins” Rep. Ted Yoho (R-FL.) joins Tony to discuss the reports of terrorists group Boko Haram pledging their allegiance to the Islamic State. Fox News’ Todd Starnes is here with a breaking story regarding a highly decorated Navy chaplain being removed from his duties for sharing basic biblical principles in a private counseling session. FRC’s Executive Vice President and founding member of the Army’s Delta Force, Lt. General (ret.) Jerry Boykin joins Tony with his reaction to Chaplain Modder’s situation. Also, FRC’s Senior Fellow for Church Ministries and President of STAND Bishop E.W. Jackson is here to explain why the correlation between what took place during the civil rights movement and the gay agenda are not in the same category, and a false argument.

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