Scott Garrett, Steve Branson, Mike Huckabee, Lindsay Graham

Scott Garrett, Steve Branson, Mike Huckabee, Lindsay Graham

Tony Perkins

June 15, 2015

On Monday’s edition of “Washington Watch with Tony Perkins” Rep. Scott Garrett (R-N.J.) joins Tony to discuss the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) trade agreement being negotiated in the House. Many Members of Congress are worried the agreement would give the President too much authority. Senior Pastor of Village Parkway Baptist Church, Steve Branson, is here to highlight how he brought pastors and leaders together in San Antonio and the impact it had on the mayoral race there. Former Arkansas Governor and current GOP presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee, joins Tony to discuss his article where he lays out his thoughts on TPA. Also, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) joins Tony to spotlight his authoring of the Senate version of the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which protects babies from abortion after 20 weeks after fertilization, when they are able to feel pain.  

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