Idaho Marriage Ruling Cannot Change Natural Law

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Family Research Council (FRC) President Tony Perkins released the following statement regarding a federal judge's decision today to redefine marriage in Idaho and strike down the state's constitutional amendment that was approved by nearly two-thirds of the state's voters: "If the courts believe they are going to resolve this issue once and for all by forcing a redefinition of marriage on the American people, they are wrong. The far reaching decision in Roe v. Wade was intended to resolve the issue of abortion, which 41 years later we know conclusively it did not. The definition of marriage, like the sanctity of human life, is seen in the natural or moral law. The decisions of courts can ignore it, they can even attempt to suppress it, but they will never eradicate it. "If there is a fundamental right for anyone to 'marry', how will marriage be limited to two people? Once you open the hood and start tinkering with the components of marriage, there are no limits to what the judicial mechanics will do and how much it will cost," concluded Perkins. -30