Pennsylvania Federal Judge Cannot Eradicate Truth About Marriage

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WASHINGTON, D.C. - Family Research Council (FRC) President Tony Perkins released the following statement in response to a federal judge's ruling striking down Pennsylvania's Defense of Marriage Act.  Judge John Jones III wrote that laws affirming natural marriage should be discarded "into the ash heap of history."

Of the decision FRC President Tony Perkins said:

 "Judge Jones ruling has no basis in Supreme Court precedent, and lacks any foundation in the text of the Constitution, or in the history or traditions of our country.    Instead, he substituted his own personal dogmatic ideology as he proclaimed that any recognition of natural marriage should be thrown 'into the ash heap of history.'

"What is inevitable is that male-female unions will continue to be uniquely important to society.  The only question is whether Government will acknowledge that fact or attempt to deny the truth about marriage. 

"Oddly, Judge Jones made reference to reading the 'tea leaves' of the Supreme Court's Windsor decision.  Shouldn't we expect judges to read the Constitution and the law - not 'tea leaves?'

"Marriage is rooted not only in the history of man, but also in his very biological being.  Nature and Nature's God cannot be usurped by the edict of the courts.  Just as the country has never accepted the Supreme Court's declaration of a 'right' to destroy unborn human life in Roe v. Wade, we will never accept the Court's assertion of a 'right' to change the definition of our most fundamental social institution.  The courts can ignore natural law, or even suppress it, but they will never succeed in subduing it," concluded Perkins.