Florida Federal Judge Makes Many Wrong Assumptions in Striking Down State's Marriage Amendment

Florida Federal Judge Makes Many Wrong Assumptions in Striking Down State’s Marriage Amendment

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WASHINGTON, D.C.- Today a federal judge in Florida struck down the state's constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman .  The amendment was approved by 62 percent of the state's voters in 2008.  The U.S. Supreme Court granted a stay yesterday to a ruling of the 4th Circuit that also overturned Virginia's voter backed amendment preserving natural marriage .

Family Research Council Senior Fellow Chris Gacek released the following comments:

"The people's voice and vote need to be respected to preserve the rule of law. Judge Hinkle assumes that the marriage debate will disappear - the same wrong conclusion made in 1973 by the judges who imposed abortion on demand.  However, Judge Hinkle can't erase the reality that children need a mom and dad.  He also can't wish away the very serious consequences that marriage redefinition has for free speech and religious liberty.   Far from live-and-let-live, the redefinition of marriage is forcing people to violate the basic teachings of their faith, or lose their livelihood.   

"A radical departure from natural law and human history, this Florida judge has further undermined the legitimacy of the courts in the eyes of the American people.  These liberal activist judges may want to take America over the cultural cliff, but don't be surprised when more and more Americans refuse to follow," concluded Gacek.


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