FRC's Arina Grossu Expresses Deep Disappointment in 4th Circuit Ruling Overturning North Carolina's Abortion Ultrasound Law

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 23, 2014
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WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Yesterday, the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals struck down North Carolina’s law requiring women seeking an abortion to have an ultrasound prior to making a final decision. The three judge panel ruled unanimously claiming the ultrasound law violated the doctor-patient relationship.

Arina Grossu, FRC’s Director of the Center for Human Dignity released the following statement:

“This is an unfortunate day for North Carolina women and life. We reject the 4th Circuit judges’ rationale. Decisions in life and death matters, like abortion, need to be made with the full extent of information available. In this ruling, the 4th Circuit judges have ruled that a woman doesn’t have to be fully informed before making a major decision about aborting her unborn child.

“We're not talking about seeing the photograph of an organ like a kidney or an X-ray of a broken bone, but of a growing and developing life that even the Supreme Court has said the state has a legitimate interest in protecting. Seeing a baby through ultrasound helps women cut through the lie they are told by abortion advocates that their unborn children are just masses of tissue and blood. It is undeniable that this law has saved countless babies in the womb once their mothers saw their babies’ faces. That fact alone means women afterwards choose life, and the Court’s decision is essentially intended to prevent women from having that informed choice,” concluded Grossu.