FRC Files Comment to HHS Regarding the Abortion Transparency Issue in Obamacare Plans

FRC Files Comment to HHS Regarding the Abortion Transparency Issue in Obamacare Plans

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – On Monday, the Family Research Council filed a public comment with the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Health Plan Standards and Compliance Assistance over a proposed rule that would continue to allow the cover-up of abortion coverage in Obamacare.

The public comment reads in part:

“While the proposed rule takes a step in the right direction by trying to create transparency about elective abortion coverage in ACA health plans, it must do so with very clear, plain and precise language that the average consumer can understand. The language must refer to the types of abortion a healthcare plan does or does not include (abortion on demand vs. abortion in cases of life, rape, or incest), and those abortions must not be defined in terms of federal funding.

“The proposed rule is incomplete on transparency because it does not require transparency on the abortion surcharge. For complete transparency, SBCs must disclose information about theabortion surcharge for every single plan that requires it, disclose how it will be itemized, how it will be charged as a separate payment and how it will be allocated into a separate account from federal funds. Disclosure of the abortion surcharge in the SBCs must be included and be mandatory.

“Consumers have a right to transparent and easy-to-understand information about abortion coverage in the SBCs of every health plan, including information about the abortion surcharge (when applicable). Transparency on abortion coverage and the abortion surcharge will give consumers the knowledge they are entitled to in order to make an informed choice when they are looking for ACA health plans that align with their values. Information regarding abortion coverage or the abortion surcharge associated with various plans must not be withheld from consumers. Further, consumers should not pay an abortion surcharge without their knowledge or against their conscientious objection,” Grossu concluded.

The full text of FRC’s public comment can be found here:


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