Semper Sigh: Marines Follow Orders on Transgenders

Semper Sigh: Marines Follow Orders on Transgenders

November 29, 2016

The few may not be the proud after the latest announcement from the U.S. Marine Corps. After raising more red flags than any other service, the Marines have finally agreed to issue a new policy guidance on how to integrate people who identify as transgender into the USMC. The Corps, which continues to speak bluntly about the social experimentation of the Obama administration, has decided to fall in line with the rest of the military and start diverting already limited training time to instruct commanders on the treatment of the gender-confused.

Unlike some of the other branches, though, the Marines' policy was a short, six-page missive that leaves a lot to leaders' discretion. "Each case is really going to be unique and individual, and it's going to be [decided] case-by-case," said Marine spokesman Major Garron Garn. For the Corps, at least, the guidance seems to leave a little room for commanders to deal with the unnecessary distraction it will inevitably cause. If, for example, a Marine's transition to another gender "interferes" with training, there would be cause for separation. "The service also reserves the right to separate Marines whose ability to serve is adversely affected by medical conditions or medical treatment related to their gender identity... adding that these Marines would be treated 'in a manner consistent with a Marine whose ability to serve is similarly affected by medical condition(s) unrelated to gender identity or gender transition."

Lt. General Mark Brilakis, who drafted the memo, points out that Marines will have to meet all of the "uniform, grooming, height, weight, and physical fitness standards appropriate to their preferred gender." But perhaps the most outrageous part of the implementation process is the amount of money the administration is willing to waste to score LGBT points. Unlike the Navy, which is just encouraging modesty, the Marines are actually going to the trouble -- and expense -- to remodel their bathrooms and showers in units concerned about privacy.

Talk about backwards priorities. The Marines are spending who-knows-how-much refitting showers for .3 percent of the population, while their other units are so strapped for cash that they're scavenging plane parts from museums! Unfortunately, this is the new normal for a military that's fallen apart while its commander-in-chief pursued his radical agenda: open homosexuality and transgenderism in the troops, women in the infantry, and daughters in the draft. America's enemies are getting more sophisticated -- and what are we getting? More politically correct. And what is the result? Sky-high incidents of suicide and sexual attacks, low morale, and even lower job satisfaction.

Even our friends north of the border are struggling with the effects of this brave new define-your-own-reality world. According to a new report, one in four women in the Canadian military have been sexually assaulted during their time in the service. In fact, the risks of being victimized doubled the second they entered the military! "The survey also found that members of the military were almost twice as likely as the general population to have been victims of sexual assaults within the past year," the New York Times reports.

As Rep. Mac Thornberry, chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, told me on Monday's "Washington Watch," these are the tragic effects of the Obama administration's only real mission: fundamentally transforming America. "There has been social engineering going on at the Department of Defense for eight years. And it's going to take some time to remove that influence and to return the focus back to what it should be, and that is fighting and winning the nation's wars." Hopefully, President-elect Trump can help restore some order and pride in a military tradition decimated by these misguided notions of so-called tolerance. Until then, join us in calling on Congress to put the brakes on any major policy changes until the new administration is in place!

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