Princeton Tests the Gender Limits

Princeton Tests the Gender Limits

August 03, 2017

By Chris Gacek, FRC Senior Fellow

Things seem to be going off the rails at Princeton University lately. The venerable Ivy League university founded in the 1740s to train Presbyterian ministers seems to have a growing social disconnect in all things pertaining to biological sex differences and any related topic.

Just recently it was learned that the school is looking to hire an "interpersonal violence clinician and men's engagement manager." Apparently, the holder of this position will be working to eradicate cases of sexual harassment, stalking and other forms of sexual aggression with the standard Leftist approach. In this person's toolkit will be a Maoist "re-education" program in which the new manager will seek to groom male students to embody "healthy masculinity" and reject the apparently all-pervasive "toxic masculinity."

Well, now comes a new form of Tiger derangement. Princeton students are now able to change and choose their gender identity or identities in the official school records. So, the available choices are: "Cisgender," "Genderqueer/gender non-conform[ing]," "Trans/transgender," "Man," "Woman," "Other," or any combination of these options. (It is not clear presently if having multiple gender identities allows a student to purchase additional tickets for home basketball and football games at the student discount price.)

Given the optional nature of the gender identity question, one has to suppose that these answers supplement a sensible answer to the question of the student's "sex" -- where "male" and "female" would be the only possible answers.

It can only be considered a great tragedy that one of the world's great universities has been brought so low – that it has been completely conquered by cultural and sexual Marxists. All along it has been the goal of this ideology to promulgate the lie that there are no differences between men and women. Some feminists have spent over 50 years attempting to annihilate the universal intuitive understanding of these differences that all people once shared, and they have probably been successful beyond their wildest dreams.

Of course, it came at the expense of having men no longer respecting the dignity and special nature of female sexuality. Thus, Princeton will likely be left with some gender cop trying to stamp out the "toxic masculinity" of the few remaining male unicorns. Simultaneously, the university is doing its best to inject doubt and confusion in the minds of the students regarding the nature of their sexuality.

Christians don't have this problem. There are two sexes, two genders: male and female. Genesis 1:27. Period. Interestingly, enough it is Princeton, the feminists, the sexual Marxists, and other gender benders who are the anti-science flat-Earthers here. True sex-difference deniers, they are. For we know, that every cell of your body identifies us as male (XY) or female (XX). And these biological sex differences run much deeper than we could have ever imagined before the discovery of DNA.

A recent paper from Israel's Weizman Institute described how scientists had identified 6,500 genes that were "expressed" -- "copied out to make proteins" -- differently in men and women. So, for example, "they found genes that were highly expressed in the skin of men relative to that in women's skin, and they realized that these were related to the growth of body hair." Similarly, the "gene expression for muscle building was higher in men; that for fat storage was higher in women."

It seems long past due for some reality-based education at Princeton.

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