Vox Unhinged by Trump's Cabinet

Vox Unhinged by Trump's Cabinet

March 20, 2018

President Trump's cabinet (like America's population) has a high percentage of Christians, so it shouldn't come as a surprise when he nominates another. Tell that to the liberals at Vox, who are quite beside themselves to learn that Mike Pompeo, Trump's pick for Secretary of State, is not only a Christian -- but actually thinks like one!

"That Pompeo is an evangelical Christian is, on its face, not particularly notable; 25 percent of Americans are," Tara Isabella Burton writes. "But Pompeo's specific brand of evangelical Christianity, with its insistence on seeing Muslim-Christian relations as an apocalyptic holy war, makes him an unnerving choice for such a senior foreign policy position." Then, as if it were breaking news, she informs readers that Pompeo has told people, "Jesus Christ ... is the only solution for our world."

Conservatives poked their share of fun at the website for its shock. "Vox scoop: Mike Pompeo is a Christian," one man joked on Twitter. "Local Christian is a Christian," said another. "Follower of Christ says something followers of Christ typically say," posted one. The jabs went on and on. One reader told the outlet that it might want to consider hiring an observant Christian so that they can spare themselves this kind of embarrassment. "Um, this is just kind of mainstream Christian theology."

But just because Christianity is mainstream doesn't mean the far-Left has learned how to cope with it. We saw how Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) reacted when the president nominated other men and women of faith. While 80 percent of Democrats in Congress claim to be Christians, some of them have gotten quite comfortable checking those beliefs at the political door. And many would prefer conservatives did the same. There's just one problem: that's not how America is supposed to work.

Extremists will say Christians have three options: leave their faith at home, hide it, or have no faith. But that's a religious test -- the very kind our Founders specifically discouraged in Article VI of the Constitution. "No Religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Officer or public Trust under the United States," it states -- as clearly today as it did in 1787. Fortunately for Mike Pompeo, the American people are onto this strategy. After the unfair treatment of Russell Vought and Judge Amy Barrett, Vox's warnings won't be taken nearly as seriously as their underlying message that these anti-religion extremists are sending: Christians aren't welcome in public service.

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