Bold Advancing across Ohio!

Bold Advancing across Ohio!

July 26, 2018

This past Tuesday, FRC held its second Bold Advance briefing for pastors in Canton, Ohio -- enjoying the company of over 100 buckeyes at Trinity Gospel Church. The pastors were almost as enthusiastic as the speakers, who challenged the audience to take up the role of a watchman on the wall and begin a Culture Impact ministry. Our host, Pastor Dana Gammill, spoke on Priority of Prayer, reminding attendees that nothing of eternal significance will happen without our prayer and that our activism without prayer is meaningless. To prove it, he had the pastors cluster in groups of two and three to pray for each other, for government leaders, and the upcoming elections.

Pastor Jerry O'Brien, the Northern Ohio Bold Advance Director, followed that with a presentation on "The Power of Preaching" and explained the formula for transforming a culture from Romans 1:16-17; 10:9-10, 13-17. Transforming our communities, he pointed out, comes from hearing and believing the whole counsel of God as it is faithfully proclaimed by Watchmen Pastors. Our own Dr. Kenyn Cureton took time to discuss the power of partnership and encouraged the pastors to go back and find three kingdom-minded pastors to connect with and collaborate, using the example of a four-member fire team in the Special Forces. He also encouraged each of them to make the commitment to begin a Culture Impact ministry -- sharing the successes of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills to influence the City Council and local school board.

The group also heard from two elected officials: Secretary of State John Husted and State Senator Frank LaRose. John told a very personal story about his mom, who became pregnant by a man not her husband while he was off fighting in the Vietnam War. Thankfully, she chose life and after some time in a Catholic foster home, he was adopted into a loving family who taught him the values of faith, family, and personal responsibility. He feels it is part of his mission to shine the light of those values in public office. He also emphasized the fact that elections have consequences. When he was sued by a Soros group because he defended Ohio's election law, the case ended up in the Supreme Court. Justice Neil Gorsuch cast the deciding vote.

State Senator Frank LaRose, a former Army Green Beret combat veteran, told the pastors that his home church prays for elected officials every Sunday. He expressed great appreciation for these prayers, especially when he has to leave for the state capital while his wife and three young daughters have their noses pressed against the window. He stated that he was serving to make the state a better place for his family and the families of Ohio. After Q&A with both public servants, in turn, we had a time of prayer for them individually.

Aaron Baer of Citizens for Community Values took time out to give a briefing from the state capital in Columbus, while Pastor J.C. Church issued a strong challenge for pastors to speak up, speak out and speak often. He said, "The most important thing we can give this nation that's heading toward a furnace of finality is the Supreme Christ. The second most important thing we can give this nation is the Supreme Court. A Constitution-loving, God-fearing Supreme Court." Last, but certainly not least, Bishop E.W. Jackson closed the event out with a message on courage -- firing up the crowd by reminding them, "This defining hour will define us and our destiny. Our stance today determines our tomorrows."

There's still time to sign up for FRC's Bold Advance events in Ohio and Missouri! Check out the Watchmen on the Wall website for information on July and August briefings in Kansas City, Cincinnati, Springfield, and St. Louis.

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