The Truth Will Set Us Free from Vaccine Mandates

October 5, 2021

In new footage released by Project Veritas, three Pfizer scientists admit that natural immunity to the coronavirus likely offers better protection than the vaccine. Yet the CDC refuses to even address the possibility of natural immunity, and various vaccine mandates America's tyrants are considering allow no exemption for natural immunity.

Natural immunity is not some magic code, nor does it suggest genetic superiority. The term simply refers to someone who has contracted COVID-19, and whose immune system developed the tools to successfully fight off the virus. Those immune defenses remain in the person's bloodstream even after the virus has been eliminated. After 18 months of data, the administration's utter silence on natural immunity, an obvious, viable alternative to vaccination, has grown deafening.

Nick Karl, who works directly on Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine, said natural immunity probably produced "more antibodies," leading to a stronger immune response against a second infection. Karl also said persons who contracted the virus will produce "antibodies against multiple pieces of the virus," retaining immunity even to mutated strains.

If that's true, why isn't the company saying so publicly? Pfizer scientist Rahul Khandke explained that Pfizer forces employees into "hours and hours" of seminars where they are told, "you cannot talk about this in public." Chris Croce, Senior Associate Scientist for Pfizer, said the corporation had pushed aside successful monoclonal antibody treatments to focus on vaccines because of money. "Our organization is run on COVID money now," added Croce. Croce said he feels "like I work for an evil corporation because it comes down to profits, in the end." Pfizer hit the mother lode in the first quarter of 2021 with $3.5 billion in revenue from its COVID-19 vaccine, as part of a total revenue income increase of 45 percent over the first quarter of 2020.

Aside from Croce's oddly anti-business sentiments (after all, corporations exist precisely for "profits, in the end"), if Pfizer executives are deliberately withholding vital information from the public for their company's bottom line, it is one of the most despicable con games ever played on the American public.

Even worse, public officials seem to be parroting the talking points developed by the pharmaceutical corporations who stand to profit. "I'm at a loss to understand the actions of the CDC," Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, professor of medicine at Stanford University, said on "Washington Watch." The CDC guidelines instruct people "to make all these changes in our life in order to do an impossible goal."

He explained that zero COVID cases nationwide is not a feasible end goal. As Australia has discovered, no amount of government control can eradicate it -- not lockdowns, not vaccines. "We have no technology to ... eradicate the disease," he said. "This disease will circulate forever."

Bhattacharya isn't preaching doom and gloom. Instead, "we need to tell people to stop being so scared about it," he insisted. COVID vaccines and natural immunity both provide defense against severe infections that could lead to hospitalization or death. "[The] right sort of sequence is: get vaccinated, and then don't worry so much about being infected," he said. The CDC "should be telling people how to manage the risk around the disease" instead of "vaccine mandates, which are essentially ripping society apart."

Because we are better equipped with vaccines, effective treatments, and hospital protocols, COVID-19 "is no longer the kind of disease it was last year," said Bhattacharya. "Let's tell the population."