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  • America's Call to Fall

    July 02, 2017: Two days from now, America will celebrate its 241st year of freedom and independence. Since that day in 1776, this nation has seen many ups and downs. We have had innovation and vast ... (more)

  • Being an Intercessor for the Lord

    June 29, 2017: God calls us to walk this world and spread His Gospel. But the journey of an intercessor is long and trying. Look back at the story of Daniel, when Daniel received great visions from the ... (more)

  • Praying That Others Hear God's Call

    June 22, 2017: It is in God's heart to bring all people to Him, no matter their transgressions. He calls His believers to be mindful, prayerful, and supportive of other believers in difficult situations ... (more)

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