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  • Four Ways President Trump Can Make Religious Freedom Great Again at the UN

    by Arielle Del Turco and Travis Weber

    September 17, 2019: This September, President Trump will once again address world leaders at the annual United Nations General Assembly. The president has previously used the opportunity to call out foreign heads of state for human rights abuses, although not explicitly on religious freedom.

  • America can't outsource teaching values and keep producing patriots

    by Tony Perkins

    September 12, 2019: With the approach of Patriot Day on the 9/11 anniversary, we are reminded of the dangerous and volatile world in which we live. We are also thinking of the incredible sacrifice and service of the men and women in our military and in the ranks of first responders who have answered the call to defend America against terrorists.

  • Unplanned movie also reveals the violence of the abortion pill

    by Patrina Mosley

    September 04, 2019: The PureFlix film Unplanned just became Amazon's bestselling DVD, even while it is playing in theaters in Canada and Australia. Despite rejection by the Hollywood establishment, censored advertising, and an R rating, this faith-based movie has grossed almost $19 million since its March release.

  • Abortion Industry Profits Trample Women's Interests in Sacramento

    by Patrina Mosley

    August 30, 2019: By now, you'd think the abortion industry would be out of ideas that endanger women. And yet, they are pushing Senate Bill 24 in the California legislature, which would require student health centers (SHCs) in California's 34 public universities to dispense abortion pills for free. This bill is so radical that then Democratic Governor Jerry Brown vetoed it last year.

  • Tony Perkins: Solution to gun violence isn't what you think, says former police officer

    by Tony Perkins

    August 25, 2019: Increasingly, few if any genuinely safe places exist as a refuge from armed, angry, addicted young men pumped up on violent video games and suffering from the absence of a moral core. Schools, churches, shopping centers, businesses, and almost every place people gather have become targets for deranged individuals who are set on perpetrating evil and in possession of lethal weapons. At what point will we have the courage to acknowledge that our nation has a problem?

  • Big business virtue signaling is bombing with consumers

    by Joshua Arnold

    August 02, 2019: Business credibility is in the tank. Results of a recent Pew Research survey depict a society-wide erosion of trust - especially for business leaders and elected officials. Only 46% of adults categorized as "medium trusters" (respondents were divided into low, medium, and high "trusters") had "a great deal" or "fair amount of confidence" that business leaders would "act in the best interests of the public." For a group that wants to sell to everyone, these poll numbers are a disaster.

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