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  • Title X Rule Changes Protect the Unborn and Increase Health Care Options

    by Family Research Council

    March 13, 2019: In 1988, President Reagan issued new regulations for the Title X family planning grant program created by Congress during the Nixon administration. The Title X statute prohibits abortion as a method of family planning. Reagan's regulations require recipients of the grant to have complete physical and financial separation from any abortion services performed by the recipient, and bar recipients from referring for abortion. The Clinton administration rescinded these pro-life regulations in 1993, but the Trump administration reinstated them in March 2019. Read the Full Publication

  • Biden, Pence and the Left's 'Decency' Standard

    by David Closson

    March 13, 2019: A controversy surrounding the surreal question of whether Vice President Mike Pence is "a decent guy" signals the next round of liberal culture shaming that has the potential to galvanize those who make up President Trump's often castigated supporters. Consider that if the "deplorables" from 2016 become the "indecents" in 2020, not only will Democratic political ambitions suffer, the nation's decorum and ability to have rational debate will devolve to a new low.

  • Testimony in Support of House Bill 975

    March 08, 2019: Good afternoon. I am here to urge that you support House Bill 975, which would protect unborn children who can feel pain from abortion. The most common abortion procedure for the second trimester of pregnancy-accounting for 96 percent of all second-trimester abortions-dismembers a child in the womb piece by piece.

  • Consumers Beware: PayPal has weaponized financial system with its ties to SPLC

    by Tony Perkins

    March 06, 2019: Free markets, whether they be economic markets or the marketplace of ideas, represent American ideals. The free exchange of ideas communicates that for the most part, all are welcome to share their unique points of view - until recently. Certain American freedoms seem to be approaching "endangered species" status as big, powerful interests increasingly choose to manipulate their platforms to control speech.

  • Are walls 'an immorality?' Not according to the Bible

    by Chris Gacek

    March 04, 2019: We Americans now disagree over the construction of a border wall to be placed between the United States and Mexico. In the first week of her Speakership, Nancy Pelosi declared that such a wall would be "an immorality." She does not appear to be alone in that assessment. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) compared such a wall to the Berlin Wall while calling it a "moral abomination."

  • Northam's Real Offense to African-Americans

    by Patrina Mosley

    February 19, 2019: Raise your hand if you're a white Democrat who has NOT worn blackface. I'm sure that's a question that went through a lot of people's minds after both the Virginia Governor and the state attorney general admitted to wearing racist costumes in the past.

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