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  • Religious Practice and Educational Attainment

    by Pat Fagan

    July 02, 2015: Over the last decade, research on the effects of religious practice has expanded. It now encompasses such areas as health, overcoming addictions, reducing crime, and reforming criminals. Cover stories in popular magazines have brought some of this research to public notice.

  • Mapping America 144: Pregnancy would embarrass family

    by Pat Fagan

    June 16, 2015: Family Structure: Teens in intact married families were most likely to report that getting pregnant (or getting someone pregnant) would embarrass their family (39.4%). They were followed by adolescents in cohabiting stepfamilies (32.3%), married stepfamilies (31.5%), single divorced parent families (28.4%), always-single-parent families (24.5%), and intact cohabiting families (21.3%).

  • Society Cannot Escape Negative Outcomes of Marriage's Decline

    by Pat Fagan

    April 16, 2015: CNN journalist Carol Costello recently interviewed Kent State University students about marriage. While the (heterosexual) students, both male and female, all looked forward to getting married, the interview highlighted their limited understanding on the impact marriage has on their own lives and on society. Thus, despite their own intentions, they seemed unsure of its importance for the future of children and society. Consider the facts.

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